Zelia Recently earned the coveted title of "Best Debut" at The Burlesque Hall of Fame, Las Vegas. The tournament is in its 25th year being the largest and longest running burlesque event in the world. Here Zelia talks about entering and her experience. 


This year Zelia was accepted to perform in one of the biggest burlesque events in the world The Burlesque Hall of Fame, Las Vegas. She was invited into the "Best Debut" Section alongside 9 other artists from around the world. This was Zelia's first international debut as a solo artist. Alongside her three other Australians - Sina King, Charlie D Barkle, and Alyssa Kitt were amongst the artists due to perform at the tournament. Burlesque Hall of Fame is the largest, longest-running burlesque event in the world!

Not only is it four days of incredible fun, learning and performance, the Weekender is a fundraiser for The Burlesque Hall of Fame Museum the only museum of its kind to feature the history and artists of the distinctly modern art form of burlesque.

The four day event consists of performances by Burlesque legends, National and International burlesque performers, Innovation, Boylesque and the big "Tournament of Tease" as the competition section of the weekender. Performers as old as 90 years of age hit the stage in the legends section as long standing legends and pioneers of the art form. The event also consisted of workshops, tours, photo-shoot and the infamous Sunday pool party after the "Tournament of Tease".

Australian artist and queen of burlesque "Imogen Kelly" created a campaign for the Australian artists to raise funds for the international cause. Read Interviews and information about the BHOZ campaign here - http://21stcenturyburlesque.com/australia-burlesque-bhof-imogen-kelly-zelia-rose-sina-king-alyssa-kitt/

Zelia's performance that night had already helped her win the title of Miss Burlesque Australia 2014 and was one of her first inspirations when she started burlesque. "It was an intense and highly inspiring experience, BHOF is a reunion of burlesque advocates, artists, enthusiasts and people form all over the world with one thing in common - A great love and passion for the art form. The energy is electric and the audience is supporting every artists journey on the stage, Iv never received such a great amount of appreciation and praise from an audience as I did at BHOF. After my performance I received a full standing ovation and rave review which stands as one of the greatest highlights of my career"

Zelia won 'Best Debut" with her performance as homage to Josephine Baker. "Its a tribute but its also an act that is very specific to my own style of performance infused with dynamic dance, comedic elements, caricature and attention to detail in choreography, styling and costume. 

Coverage at Burlesque Hall of fame Best Debut - http://burlesquebeat.com/2015/06/29/from-sexy-clowns-to-little-deaths-its-burlesque-hall-of-fame-2015-best-debut/ Visit the Burlesque Hall of Fame website & Facebook page Here