Paying homage to a true icon of burlesque in legendary proportion. We step back to a dank and sultry era of jazz, speakeasy culture and the new breed of raucous women. An award winning act which is scheduled to show at The Burlesque Hall of Fame Las Vegas 2015!  The roaring 20s is about to go bananas…..


Opulent, Fierce and Daring comes a goddess of flame rising from the ashes. A performance piece dedicated to the 1940s showgirl and a powerful performance that paints the stage red. This is one of Zelia’s signature acts and most performed act under her repertoire. It has been selected for many production’s and touring shows.  


Get it while its hot.....Hot sauce made from the finest guatemalian insanity peppers, The greatest and hottest on earth! See Zelia Rose as a chilli tasting carnival vendor in a wacky narrative and fire performance spectacle. 




Zelia can provide outstanding entertainment for your Event, Production and Function. This include theatrical performances, stage shows and roving performance all catered to your occasion. Services include Live Performance, Choreography, Curation, Teaching (Classes and Private Tuition) & more...Book Zelia HERE


Deep in the jungle….A mysterious and exotic creature dwells. We would like to present to this scientific forum this fascinating study - the epitope of intelligence and evolution in animal form. She may swing from the trees, wild and free….But beware as she may grasp your heart into a whirlwind of seduction. Are you ready to rumble in the jungle?


This Vaudevillian acts takes on the parody of the masculine figure to slowly revel elements of femininity and strip down to revel female form. Taking inspiration from 18th century burlesque when female performers would often portray men and high society and mixing it with current popular burlesque 1940/50s glam and striptease burlesque. 


A classic homage to 1960s exotica. A piece that delivers a tribal essence using African dance, Feather Fans, and Caricature! Its high voltage, high glamour as an exotic spectacle.